Freedom Docks manufactures docks using engineered pipe floats which are fusion welded creating a virtually indestructible float and have a unique mitered corner design that reduces the use of failure prone extrusion welds found on many other HDPE docks.


  • Dock floats are made from High Density Polyethylene.
  • Docks are made in New Brunswick Canada
  • Unique mitered corner design allows for float to be dragged over the ground, which is easier than lifting without damaging the ground or float.
  • We have various options in stock including complete systems, floats and do-it-yourself kits.
  • We supply mooring, chain, dock hardware and dock accessories to complete your install.
  • Our docks feature industry standard hardware that will esily couple to your existing docks.
  • Our Cleats are reinforced to the dock frame using reinforcement brackets.
  • Deck can be constructed from many materials including but not limited to pressure treated, cedar or composite.
  • DELIVERY AND INSTALLATION IS OUR SPECIALITY! We will install in the most challenging locations and we are not finished until you are satisfied!


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